Chronic pain, Illness, & disability

I work with many clients who are living with chronic pain, illness, and/or physical disability. If this is a part of your experience, know that I understand the impact these issues can have on your mental health, relationships, and quality of life. Our society has a long way to go toward providing access and equity for all bodies, but in the meantime I can help you with things like self advocacy, reducing shame and internalized ableism, being more attuned to your body’s needs, and feeling less alone.

Please note: My office is single story and wheelchair accessible, low scent, with adjustable lighting and temperature and an ADA compliant bathroom. Video or phone sessions are available as needed for clients who are chronically ill or disabled.


We all struggle to love and accept our bodies as they are, but people who inhabit the world in bodies that don’t fit into our society’s norms face unique challenges that are internal/psychological and also social, medical, economic, and cultural.

I have spent the last 20 years working to love and accept my very non-normative body. If self-love and acceptance are something you are wanting for yourself, I can help. If you’re not there yet, but you want a therapist who won’t shame you for your body or your feelings about it, I can help with that too.

This is hard work, and wherever you are with it is ok.

Please note: both my office and the waiting room offer different seating options for a variety of body sizes.