EMDR for trauma

EMDR is a powerful, evidence-based trauma therapy that helps supports the nervous system’s natural ability to heal, by integrating the part of the brain that stores and re-experiences traumatic events with the part of the brain that is capable of making sense of them.

Research has shown EMDR to be highly effective in helping people achieve long lasting relief from trauma-based symptoms. This can include single-incident traumas, such as an accident or assault; as well as complex traumas that arise from repeated-over-time instances of abuse, neglect, or more subtle attachment injuries in relationships (such as in childhood). My training in EMDR includes both traditional and attachment-based approaches, which emphasize the importance of developing resources with a client first so that processing difficult memories can feel safer and better contained.

EMDR is one of a number of somatic or body-based approaches I use. I have found that addressing the mind-body relationship in therapy allows healing and develops resilience in deeper, more long lasting ways than just regular talk therapy alone.