Harm Reduction is a social justice movement built on the belief in, and respect for, the rights of people who use drugs/substances. Harm reduction therapy (HRT) is therapy based on that respect. It’s about meeting substance users where they're at. It is client centered and non dogmatic; allowing you to set your own goals; whether that means safer use, managed use, medical substitution, and/or abstinence. Harm reduction works with people at any stage of change, including no change at all.

Harm reduction can be a good fit for both clients who do want to make changes to their substance use, as well as for clients who don’t…and want a therapist who will respect that decision. Of course many people fall somewhere in the middle.

I have over 15 years experience working in harm reduction and applying its principles with different kinds of substance users. I have additional knowledge about opioid use and culture specifically. I am able to support people in 12-step or other abstinence-based programs as well. Harm reduction therapy can include abstinence, it just doesn’t have to.