I am a gender-affirming therapist with specialized training, experience, and cultural competency in working with transgender, gender fluid, nonbinary, agender, gender non-conforming, intersex, and gender questioning adults and teens. Some clients come to me wanting to explore or affirm their gender or get support with transition; others just want a therapist they can feel safe with, who understands their experience and won’t pathologize who they are.

I also provide assessment letters for clients planning to have gender confirming surgery (aka gender reassignment surgery), and I am committed to doing so in a way that is simple, supportive, and as non-gatekeeping as possible.

Trans people shouldn’t have to prove who they are to anyone to get the medical care they need.


I am a sex-positive, sexuality-affirming therapist, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community for decades. I work with clients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, asexual, questioning, or other sexual identities.

I am also experienced in providing polyamorous and kink -affirming therapy for individuals or couples/moresomes.

Whatever the role sexuality and sexual identity plays in your life, big or small, I am committed to providing safe, non-judgemental, and affirming therapy.

As a member of these communities myself,
what I offer my clients comes not just from what I’ve learned
but also deeply from who I am.
— (me)